Extra Board and Pool Regulation

We have been having issues with the regular pools and extra boards and how CMS calculates the miles. 
 In short, the issues are: 
Regular Pools: 
  • When a crew flips or performs short turnaround service the "starts" does not always track with the system to reflect that.
  • When a turn in the pool is dropped the mileage is not reflective of that. 

Extra Board: 

  • When an Engineer Old heads a job the mileage of the job he is working does not go to the extra board, in essence, the mileage of the extra board reflected that the Engineer did not work at all. 
  • There is also a similar issue with Yard and Extra jobs as well as some HOS Relief. 

These are just a few of the issues we have been working on to find a resolution with CMS and Labor Relations. It comes as no surprise that the carrier is not interested in fixing the system. We are forced once again to file time claims. 

 I know that none of us like to hear the time claim response, yet let me remind all of you that in the past 3 years our General Committee has received over 12.2 Million dollars from Union Pacific over outstanding claims. 11 million of that was from a settlement over the very same issue we are facing now, board regulations. They have paid out this amount and still choose not to resolve the issue. 
I am including a word document so that you can copy and paste, print off use at your own will to assist you in filing these claims. We are further taking more of the burden off you the Engineer and are not asking you to provide the documentation for the claims. We the Local are going to do that work for you. All you need to do is file the claim DAILY. You can sit down and file multiple at the end of the week or half if you choose. However ONE CLAIM FOR ONE DAY. Then simply turn the claim and declination from E Payroll in the union box at the yard office.  
To be eligible for this claim you simply need not be laid off, for any reason. If you are working or in ok status, you can file a claim for that day. 
You can if you wish go back 60 days to file claims. There will be language posted at yard office.
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Driving Company Vehicles

All working BLET Engineers should begin filling claims everyday they go on duty for putting out instructions for Engineers to operate company vehicles. Attached is the claim language the General Chairman would like us to use. 

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Notice of Election

Please see notice of election link for information on who can vote and how to vote, etc.


Ronnie Rhodes

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Candidates Forum

Please see candidates forum link.


Ronnie Rhodes

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IBT Election Plan Summary

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Attendance Appeals


Our BLET Central Region Committee of Adjustments (GCA) has sought court action since the implementation of UP’s latest Attendance Policy effective 3/1/20 based on a point system per layoff.


We are also asking for your individual help while the court action is being progressed. We need you to go into your Attendance Monitor and print off your 90-day snapshot. Once printed, include your employee ID on the document, you need to get this information to me. The best way will be to drop off it off in our your Division box or email to your local chairman


Once the information is received, the GCA will appeal to UP Labor Relations each of the layoff occurrences that led to points being assessed. Also, in the future, if you have a layoff that leads to points, print that 90-day snapshot that shows the latest layoff and forward it to your local chairman, so that can also be appealed in a timely fashion. We also need any documentation if you have previously gone into the Attendance Monitor and appealed assessed points and received a reply from UP.


I am attaching a document to show you how to pull this report. 



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Notice on Payment of Settlement

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Extra Board Regulation and Dropping Turns Settlement



To: All employees of Union Pacific Railroad Company represented by the BLET Central Region General Committee of Adjustment (former Missouri Pacific Upper Lines):

For nearly 30 years, the GCA has been working hard to resolve time claims or grievances that Union Pacific locomotive engineers on the former MP Upper Lines have filed against UP’s wrongful application of the collective bargaining agreement provisions regarding regulation of the extra board and dropping turns.  This is to notify you that a settlement finally has been reached.  The settlement has two parts:

(1) extra board regulation and the “dropping of turns” on the territories governed by the GCA was modified effective the first regular pay half after May 3, 2019, and

(2) UP will pay $11,000,000 (“the Settlement Amount”) to resolve all outstanding time claims or grievances that have been denied by the Carrier at any level, including Timekeeping, involving the regulation of a guaranteed extra board and the dropping of turns, including time claims or grievances that were properly filed but not denied within the allowable contractual time period.   

The GCA’s records reflect that approximately 150,000 claims were filed by about 950 claimants since 1990.  The $11 million will be distributed amongst all claimants on a pro rata, per claim basis.  Each claimant will be entitled to a share of the Settlement Amount determined by multiplying the total money available ($11 million) by a fraction the numerator of which is the number of claims submitted by the claimant and the denominator of which is the total number of claims filed.  For example, if a claimant submitted 100 claims and the total number of claims filed by all claimants was 150,000, the claimant would receive $7,333.33 [$11,000,000 ÷ 100/150,000].

The GCA has reviewed its records and sent preliminary determinations to all claimants for whom it has records of the amounts they are eligible to receive under the Settlement.  If you received a letter and believe that you are entitled to a greater share of the Settlement Amount because you submitted more claims than the GCA’s records indicate, you must provide the GCA with evidence in support of your position in writing within 30 days of the date of the letter you received.  If you filed claims over extra board regulation and/or dropping turns and did not receive a letter from the GCA, that is likely because the GCA does not have your current address; you should immediately write to the GCA and provide us with your current address.  The GCA will evaluate all evidence submitted and, if it determines that the evidence supports your position, it will adjust the preliminary calculation it has made.  The final determination of each claimant’s share will be made after all claimants have been identified and the number of claims they filed has been verified.


The Settlement Amount will be distributed in two phases.  The initial distribution of $5.5 million will be made by the Carrier on or before December 6, 2019. Challenges raised by individuals regarding their eligibility for, or amounts of, distributions under this settlement that were not raised in response to the initial notification from the GCA must be submitted in writing to the GCA, with supporting evidence, and received no later than January 3, 2020.


The remaining $5.5 million balance is being held back to provide the parties time to resolve any additional claims or challenges that may arise from the initial distribution.  This could affect the total each claimant ultimately receives.  The balance will be distributed by the Carrier on or before March 15, 2020.


All payments to current employees will be subject to all applicable deductions, garnishments, federal, state and local income taxes, and employee railroad retirement taxes.  The claim settlement distribution will not be counted as earnings toward the 2020 1/52 vacation rate or count toward vacation qualification for 2020 or 2021.  For distributions to former employees or their estates, the Carrier will withhold employees’ share of federal and state income taxes using the applicable rate for supplemental wages.


If you are retired or no longer work for the railroad, you must submit a W-4 form in order to receive your share of the settlement; the form can be obtained at https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw4.pdf. It must be filled out and returned to the GCA by U.S. mail within 30 days of the date of your letter.


Enclosed in your letter is a claimant verification form.  This form must be filled out and returned to the GCA by U.S. mail within 30 days of the date of your letter.



Central Region GCA Settlement


Hazelwood, Mo 63042



Because there are so many claimants, any questions you have about the settlement must be submitted to the GCA in writing by U.S. mail.  It will endeavor to respond as promptly as possible.


Extra Board Regulation and Dropped Turn Settlement

Brothers and Sisters,


The GCA has signed an agreement and claims settlement.


Extra Board Regulation

Under the new agreement extra board regulation will be regulated on a 20 day look back and the mileage regulation will be 3200 miles.  60 percent of Z miles will be added to the mileage to regulate the board.  Z miles are miles the extra board would have worked if not exhausted.  Examples of this would be hours of service relief with a pool turn, pool turn working a local, etc. 

Dropping Turns

The carrier now has the right to drop turns.   This will end the calls through out the night trying to get a member to step up.  If a turn is dropped immediately in front of you, you will be entitled to a half days pay.  As of right now a non service timeslip will need to be put in for this claim.  Hopefully in the near future there will be a F12 claim to take care of this.

A pool engineer will have a minimun lay off of 12 hours except if the layoff is personal leave or vacation.

Claims Settlement

The carrier agreed to settle on all claims involving regulation of extra board and dropped turns.  The settlement amount is 11 million dollars.  Any claim filed before May 3rd that is for extra board regulation or dropped turns will be counted in the settlement.  Claims filed after may 3rd will not.  All electronic claims in the system and paper claims in the office will be counted. Until we know how many claims we have there is no way to tell how much each claim is worth and until we know what they are worth there is no way to tell how much a member will receive.  This will be a process.  Read the settlement, there are phases and dates when money will be distributed.

If you have any questions contact your Local Chairman



Locomotive Daily Inspection Checklist

Brothers and Sisters,

The implementation of PSR on Union Pacific has caused a reduction in the mechanical forces that have historically done the required daily inspections on our locomotives.  The daily inspections are more frequently being done by our Locomotive Engineers that have not been trained to do the inspections. 

Our General Committee has created a checklist for our Locomotive Engineers to use when they have been instructed to do the daily inspections.  This checklist was created using the Air Brake and Train Handling Rules currently in effect, always verify there have been no changes to these rules.   

We are currently in the process of distributing the checklist to your BLET Local Chairman.

You will still file a basic day penalty claim for doing the locomotive inspection where there are mechanical forces on duty. 

Ronnie Rhodes