Extra Board Regulation and Dropped Turn Settlement

Brothers and Sisters,


The GCA has signed an agreement and claims settlement.


Extra Board Regulation

Under the new agreement extra board regulation will be regulated on a 20 day look back and the mileage regulation will be 3200 miles.  60 percent of Z miles will be added to the mileage to regulate the board.  Z miles are miles the extra board would have worked if not exhausted.  Examples of this would be hours of service relief with a pool turn, pool turn working a local, etc. 

Dropping Turns

The carrier now has the right to drop turns.   This will end the calls through out the night trying to get a member to step up.  If a turn is dropped immediately in front of you, you will be entitled to a half days pay.  As of right now a non service timeslip will need to be put in for this claim.  Hopefully in the near future there will be a F12 claim to take care of this.

A pool engineer will have a minimun lay off of 12 hours except if the layoff is personal leave or vacation.

Claims Settlement

The carrier agreed to settle on all claims involving regulation of extra board and dropped turns.  The settlement amount is 11 million dollars.  Any claim filed before May 3rd that is for extra board regulation or dropped turns will be counted in the settlement.  Claims filed after may 3rd will not.  All electronic claims in the system and paper claims in the office will be counted. Until we know how many claims we have there is no way to tell how much each claim is worth and until we know what they are worth there is no way to tell how much a member will receive.  This will be a process.  Read the settlement, there are phases and dates when money will be distributed.

If you have any questions contact your Local Chairman