Attendance Appeals


Our BLET Central Region Committee of Adjustments (GCA) has sought court action since the implementation of UP’s latest Attendance Policy effective 3/1/20 based on a point system per layoff.


We are also asking for your individual help while the court action is being progressed. We need you to go into your Attendance Monitor and print off your 90-day snapshot. Once printed, include your employee ID on the document, you need to get this information to me. The best way will be to drop off it off in our your Division box or email to your local chairman


Once the information is received, the GCA will appeal to UP Labor Relations each of the layoff occurrences that led to points being assessed. Also, in the future, if you have a layoff that leads to points, print that 90-day snapshot that shows the latest layoff and forward it to your local chairman, so that can also be appealed in a timely fashion. We also need any documentation if you have previously gone into the Attendance Monitor and appealed assessed points and received a reply from UP.


I am attaching a document to show you how to pull this report. 



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