Extra Board and Pool Regulation

We have been having issues with the regular pools and extra boards and how CMS calculates the miles. 
 In short, the issues are: 
Regular Pools: 
  • When a crew flips or performs short turnaround service the "starts" does not always track with the system to reflect that.
  • When a turn in the pool is dropped the mileage is not reflective of that. 

Extra Board: 

  • When an Engineer Old heads a job the mileage of the job he is working does not go to the extra board, in essence, the mileage of the extra board reflected that the Engineer did not work at all. 
  • There is also a similar issue with Yard and Extra jobs as well as some HOS Relief. 

These are just a few of the issues we have been working on to find a resolution with CMS and Labor Relations. It comes as no surprise that the carrier is not interested in fixing the system. We are forced once again to file time claims. 

 I know that none of us like to hear the time claim response, yet let me remind all of you that in the past 3 years our General Committee has received over 12.2 Million dollars from Union Pacific over outstanding claims. 11 million of that was from a settlement over the very same issue we are facing now, board regulations. They have paid out this amount and still choose not to resolve the issue. 
I am including a word document so that you can copy and paste, print off use at your own will to assist you in filing these claims. We are further taking more of the burden off you the Engineer and are not asking you to provide the documentation for the claims. We the Local are going to do that work for you. All you need to do is file the claim DAILY. You can sit down and file multiple at the end of the week or half if you choose. However ONE CLAIM FOR ONE DAY. Then simply turn the claim and declination from E Payroll in the union box at the yard office.  
To be eligible for this claim you simply need not be laid off, for any reason. If you are working or in ok status, you can file a claim for that day. 
You can if you wish go back 60 days to file claims. There will be language posted at yard office.
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